Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belated Christmas...

We had the best Christmas this year with my WHOLE family!
Games were played
Food was eaten 
and lots of fun was had
until next year Harman's...

Love this little boy so much!
No words needed...
My cute mom put Mistletoe  in the door ways and made it a competition to see who could kiss more.. it got a little out of hand! (katie)

Best Grandpa Award!

If you look homeless and you know it clap your hands! I'm not sure who let me out of the house looking like this...

Shooting rabbits at the golf course with Jakeys new BB-Gun!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

J & C overload

We got our pictures taken a couple of weeks ago as an anniversary gift!
(Thanks Chantel)

Happy Holidays 
Love: The Harpers

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


That awkward moment when someone asks you when you are due... 
and you have to say ummmmm
well the thing is i'm not pregnant.


Jason has become a little obsessed with his hair lately...
He has never had his hair this long before!
He has a serious process of doing it in the morning..
Thanks to one of our friends Ben Justice who taught him how to get the way to the perfect wave..

#1 once out of out of the shower comb it straight back and hairspray 
#2 let dry a little
#3 come back with mousse and a comb to get that little wave up top
#4 set with more hairspray
It is kind of funny but 
He LOVES it...

You would not believe how many times a week J gets told me looks like Leonardo DiCaprio..
At first I thought people were CRAZY and I didn't see it at ALL! 
Until my sister sent me this picture..
A little freaky!
The problem is if he doesn't do his hair this is what he looks like...
Rooster head

My brother juggled our faces the other day on his phone and this is what came out! 
My head + Jason's face
Please bless our girls don't get his eyebrows!

He doesn't plan on cutting it anytime soon.. 
I ask sometimes how long he wants it
 He looks at me like this and says MAYBE I will for one of your presents for Christmas :)
Sounds like not that reliable of an answer! 



It seems like time has been going by faster than ever before... 
How did it become the last day of October?! 
Wasn't it just May? 

My dad came through town a  little over a month ago to go to Idaho for his yearly potato run. Mandy, her kids and I jumped in the truck with him to make the day trip. 
I love where I grew up...
 Small farming community filled with lots of family and friends
We got to see a lot of people that we hadn't seen in a while
It was nice...
Love my dad SOO much!

We went to Rexburg to see Ashley and Trenton a couple of weeks ago too..
 We kind of love to travel!
It was so fun to spend time with our friends and catch up...
We stopped in Pocatello to have dinner with Jo, Tyler, baby Eden, Jord, his girlfriend and Ashley and Trenton.. We need to do this more often!

Our Marriage in a nutshell...

 It's not so bad that time is going by fast because life is good and we are blessed! 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Our schedule lately has been SOO random. 
Some days we wake up at 7 and some we sleep in until 9:30.. 
We go bed some nights at 10 and others at 12:30... 

I like having a schedule but it seems like its almost impossible lately. 
Jase has night class and anatomy lab until midnight a couple days a week
The other night when he got home he walked in the door and asked me to put my shoes and a jacket on and he took me on a drive up the canyon to look at the stars. 
It was 12:45 
But I was happy that he still wants to spend time with me and do spontaneous things like we did in high school... you know when we use to be fun :)

5 years ago on Saturday was Septemeber 29th... the day Jason took me on my first OFFICIAL date!
I say official because we had been hanging out for years as friends and this was the first time we went somewhere TOGETHER not just in a group. 
I knew I kind of liked him and that he was always making me laugh BUT there was no way that I would ever really go out with JASON HARPER! 
He was just my friend.. right?!
Well... I was wrong
 5 years later I couldn't imagine my life without this guy and couldn't be happier 

Friday, September 21, 2012


So as of late I have been SOOO busy that I have neglected everything in my life BUT work! My house was cuhrazzzy all summer... at all times there was some type of a cake project sprawled on our kitchen table, the laundry was done 9 times out of 10 by my sweet husband and dinner was a rare treat for us.. lots of cold cereal!!! To say the least we had a VERY busy summer... We were so blessed that Jason got to work with one of his friends James at a security place and I was completely BOOKED the whole summer with cakes. We looked back at the calender a couple of weeks ago and realized I hadn't had a week without a cake since MAY! 
Long story short we are BLESSED! 

I got last week off and had the chance to go and visit my sweet sister and her family in Iowa! My brother-in-law is in Orthodontics school and worked on my teeth for me after hours... I have horse teeth in an infant childs mouth so I have serious crowding issues so he helped with that and also shaved off a little bit of my front tooth so I wouldn't look like bucky the beaver... 
or more like Mr. ED the horse!

We went to the outlets and did some Fall shopping... which you all know I can never get enough of :) We also went to the apple orchards! Katie and  Brendon had these amazing looking apple pie turnovers and I had the most delicious apple cider slushie. I got to spend time with the kids which is always a treat! They are so sweet and Miss Millie is always doing something crazy that made Kate and I laugh! 
Kate, August and I at the Apple Orchards 

On Saturday morning before I flew home we went to the Hawkeye Stadium and experienced what REAL tailgating is! It was a serious event... lots of food, lots of beer, and lots of people!

I had a blast and was so glad for the break! I miss Kate and wish that she lived closer... all in good time though :) 
Now its back to the old grind.. work work work!